Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been extremely lucky to find some truly wonderful, kind, thoughtful and generous friends on the Internet over the years. One such person is Trudy, a stamping friend who sent me the goodies you see above.

The package arrived today. I knew it was on the way, sort of a pick-me-up gift from someone who knew I'd need one. But I never expected this! Each item you see was individually gift-wrapped, so I felt like I was opening about ten years worth of birthday presents!

So many of these items are things I've seen, and wanted, but told myself I didn't need right away. Now I have so many excellent toys to play with. I spent a lovely time finding places for each of these things, rearranging and searching for just the right drawer, shelf or container. I made notes in the little booklet I take with me on vacations, where I have lists of all the ink pads, paints, colored pencils and markers I own (it actually helps, most of the time, so that I don't come home with duplicates).

Trudy sent me stamps, ink pads, markers, alcohol inks, several kinds of stickers, colorful paper, a huge variety of tags...and she filled in the empty spaces with pretty colored felt fabric sheets tied up in a beautiful ribbon.

Who knows what I'll be able to make with all of these fabulous supplies?

Thank you, Trudy, from the bottom of my heart!


Joansie said...

How fantastic and thoughtful of Trudy. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Sandy said...

That's the kind of package everyone loves to open. She made it really fun by wrapping each one individually. She must be very creative.