Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is a well-documented fact that a knitter who views knitting patterns online when her loved ones are at home runs a serious risk. Thus it came to be that I wasted, er...spent several hours today (among the last of my time as a 49 year old, I might add) trying (and failing, and then by golly trying again) to knit a cute little critter known as a hamsterbean. Found the free pattern on Ravelry, for those who know what that is. There is a link on my page (user name: amysamin).

Meital might not want a sweater this year, but she was very happy to have her hamsterbean (his name is Snuggle). She claims he wants siblings, but I am immune to her hints.

I hope.


Joansie said...

Such a cute critter.

Are you having a big important birthday? When? The "Big 50" really is wonderful (really!!). Some things turn out to not be so important anymore and others are.

Grandma Elsie said...

What a cutie!!!!
Aw you know you must create some siblings...
When is your big day ? Let us wish you a happy one ...ok

Tama said...

But he *needs* siblings! He's too adorable to be an only child!
Lol - my little sister used to bring me dolls and bears back when all I did was crochet, and say 'but they *need* clothes! They're so *naked*!'
I usually surrendered.
Happy Birthday!!!

LizzieK8 said...

Happy birthday! I hit the big 57 in a couple weeks. You'll like the 50s--far more freedom.

You're a good mommy. I don't do toys...They all look like mutants when I do.

Sandy said...

How did I miss this cutie? It's adorable. I hope you do make more.