Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Joansie mentioned she was interested in seeing my stamps. Well, above is a photo of one of them and below is a shot of my stamping table with the things I am currently using to create cards. I love my older, wood-mounted rubber stamps, but these new stamps are so much easier to use and to store.

These Posh stamps are mounted on a foam cushion that sticks onto an acrylic mount, then comes off when you give it a little tug. They stay stuck on the back of those plastic sheets with the colorful images on one side until you need them. Easy peasy! And they take up much less space than my wood mounted stamps. I can, of course, see through the acrylic mount and get a fair idea of where my image will end up on the paper. If I want precise placement, I use a tool called a stamp positioner, which helps me get the image exactly where I want it to be. But, mostly I don't need to be that precise, which is more relaxed and fun.

I use those Marvy markers to color directly onto the rubber, and I can easily blend more than one color as I go. When I use glossy paper instead of matte, the image comes out very bright. That's the look you usually see with my cards. Then once I stamp, the image is done! That's the fun of these solid stamp images. The other kind just have outlines, and usually need to be colored in with pencils, markers or something else. That's a lovely look, too, but I have become hooked on these wonderful bold stamps.

So that's a little peek into my stamping world. I have more cards to show you, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Knitting is lagging behind, but I am hoping to work some more on the Marsan cap for my nephew tonight. I wonder what's on tv?


Joansie said...

Very interesting, Amy. It's been awhile since I've stamped so it's nice to see how the craft has evolved. I do have some of those markers and I love them.

AlisonH said...

Take something plain. Add color. Add variety. "Put something in the world that wasn't there before," to quote Shel Silverstein. Great fun, isn't it!

stampingground said...

You don't have time to watch TV! If I don't then you can't! LOL Neat stuff.

Sandy said...

I haven't seen Posh Impressions new stamps. I am glad they are still rubber stamps and not the clear polymer. It is easier to store and stamp without the wood blocks, but I have loads of wood block stamps that I can't live without.

You keep yourself so busy...working, stamping, knitting, cooking, taking care of family. Do you sleep at all?