Friday, October 30, 2009

A Finish

Not to be confused with a Finn. I met some lovely Swedish members of my distant family over a year ago, but have yet to discover any Finnish leaves on my family tree. But I did finally complete this Marsan Watchcap for my nephew Michael in Jerusalem. I hope he likes it!

This is the third black hat I have made for a young man in recent weeks. Two of the three will be entering the army some time in the next year to year and a half, so hopefully the hats will come in handy then as well as now.

But I'd really rather not have to knit another hat with black yarn any time soon. And aren't photos of items knitted with black yarn just so thrilling?

Instead of casting on for the scarf for my niece in Jerusalem, I decided to see if I could finish at least one other something first. I finished the leg, knit the heel flap and turned the heel on the second in a pair of baby socks made from leftover Koigu, and I hope those will be finished by Saturday night. Meanwhile, I am going to work on Meital's first tipless glove tonight.

It's so much fun to knit with the sound of the rain as my background music!


Joansie said...

You did a great job of photgraphing the hat as black is so difficult, as you say. The hat looks very nice. I need to knit a couple of black items and I've been avoiding it because of my eyes and the photo thing.

stampingground said...

I do love the cap, but I don't do black! It's just too difficult to see very well. You did a good job!

Tama said...

I like :D
My sis wants a black 'kitty' hat from the Stitch & B**tch book (don't know how you feel about that word, so I'm not typing it) I'm getting up the nerve to try!

Grandma Elsie said...

Oh what a job ,knitting with black.I use my table daylight lamp.For the life of me I can not think of what they are called...LOL
has it cooled down there any ?

Unknown said...

Hi Amy, I am trying to "feel" my way around all the "blog" business. I have no experience with them other than reading them. What a talented knitter you are and I love all the Posh cards you have posted here. Have you sent any to Mark or is that too costly for you from Israel. I am sure he is able to use any that you scan or photograph for him.
Cheers! Judy/Tiffinie

My Little Room In The Corner said...

Love your blog! And the post about Ravelry and the guilty pleasure it provides was sooooo true. After looking at the black watch cap, I know you get the dark yarn thing very well.

Anonymous said...

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Karin said...

Everything you make is made with so much love and care.