Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Bit of Knitting

Although I haven't finished much in the way of knitting lately, I did make this cute little guy and sent him off to a friend who recently saw the movie "Despicable Me" and expressed a need for some minions of her own. She is delighted with him, so I am very happy.

I made this little sweater in February and sent off to my cousin and his wife who recently had a baby. I love the yarn, Plymouth Jelli Beenz. I think I've had it in my stash since about 2006. Destashing is good. Of course, I still have some left, so I guess I ought to make another baby sweater or something...

It's been a nice Saturday. We have officially started cleaning up by the pool to get ready for the warmer weather and outdoor entertaining. Then the four of us hung out together watching the new Hawaii 5-0 and reruns of The West Wing (and one of us was also knitting). I even had time to draw/doodle and write a journal entry in a composition book a dear friend decorated and gave me quite a few years ago. I'd forgotten about it, but with my renewed interest in making art journals and things like that, when I re-discovered it I was raring to get back to writing in it. Of course, I am still working in my altered book, which will ultimately have about 35 or 36 pages. I'm not sure how many I've done so far, probably about 20.

My own personal minion, aka Meital, helped me out by taking two bags of old clothes that have been stashed in my craft room for ages to the recycling bins in our neighborhood. We also discovered and discarded some dried out markers and pens. Yay! Gotta love those decluttering baby steps.


Joansie said...

The minion is totally adorable and huggable. Love that sweater and bet the parents did also.

Stefanie said...

The little minion is so cute! We love that movie and bought it some time ago; my daughters crack up so much during it.