Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making Progress

 I've been spending quite a bit of time working in my crafts room, and it's beginning to show! My coloring media (paints, chalks, etc) are better organized, though come to think of it I may not quite be finished with that...hmmm...  Anyway, here you see my watercolors (and Twinkling H2Os, which are individual watercolor cakes with added shimmer, quite lovely), chalks, alcohol inks, and in the back spray bottles with color washes.  Ink pads and markers are elsewhere still awaiting  further reorganization.

The shelves you've seen previously are much better organized (and dusted!).  On the top shelf is a variety of empty boxes and tins saved for future projects, stamping books and some books left over from my teaching/tutoring days.  And, of course, a lovely piece of art from the wonderful and talented Sandy.  On the bottom shelf are my paint and stenciling brushes and several boxes of stamps (those may be rearranged later, as I decide what needs to be in this prime location.  These shelves are right behind where I sit, and anything on them is easiest to find and reach).
 In the cabinet next to my paints and chalks are more boxes of stamps, plus all of my sets of EZ Mounted stamps by Posh Impressions and one foam mounted set.  I have not indexed these into my catalog, but at least the sets are filed alphabetically by name (OC much?).
And here is my pride and joy!  I'm not quite done, but I have cataloged almost all of my stamps here in this binder, and labeled the boxes.  You'll notice that when I have stamps that may be related thematically to the current box, I note the location of the other stamps so they will be easy to find.
At the front of this binder there are going to be two lists (unless I can think of another type, I am obsessed with lists - bet you couldn't tell...).  Obviously, this list is in numerical order by box, and that is how the entire binder is organized.  Later I'm going to add an alphabetical list, so that if I want to find, say, a stamp of a chair, I can scan the alphabetical list for Household and see that I need to look in Box 8.

I also want to add a schematic telling me where each box is located, but that needs to wait until I decide where I want everything to go.  I'll probably do that in pencil.  Heh heh...

I can't believe how good it's making me feel to have everything cleaned, sorted and organized!  No more wasting time searching high and low for that one stamp I *must* use but can't find.  So glad I'm doing this.


Jill L said...

Great job -- looks nice!

Joansie said...

Looks great! So nice and neat that you almost inspire me to tackled my craft room/junk room. Congrats on the great progress!

Stefanie said...

Wowzers! You are a pro organizer!

Sandy said...

I am humbled seeing my artwork in your room. Thank you for displaying it. I wish I had your zeal for organizing. My space is a mess and I applaud you for getting yours together.
Can you come here and start on my room?