Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cards and Muffins

I've been busy making cards for Keiki Cards lately. These are sort of a Spring theme.

And these are... well, isn't it obvious? Found the template for the shamrock online at the website. Family Crafting, or some such thing.

I also made these bran muffins today. They are absolutely devoid of even the tiniest possible "wow" factor. I believe naming the source of the recipe will cause any mild interest you may have in the recipe to evaporate: The Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook, by Roberta Leviton. I would like to mention, however, that these are in fact absolutely delicious. And super-easy to make. They make a more-than-acceptable breakfast, and are perfect for travel snacks. Of course, all of the above doesn't mean that I won't be making something incredibly decadent tomorrow!

I also volunteered at the community center today. A couple of weeks have gone by since the last time I was there. The kids asked why I hadn't come. There was a new program director, as well. So much can happen in a few short weeks! But the kids are truly in need of something to do once homework is completed. Otherwise there is lots of yelling and fights over petty things. I am planning to come up with a project or two for them. Last year, I taught the kids how to make Artist Trading Cards, and arranged for swaps with kids in the U.S. Maybe this year I could have at least some of the kids make cards either for children with chronic diseases or for elderly inhabitants of old age homes.

That was my day today.

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