Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Out of Limb-o

Have I mentioned yet that I am a HUGE fan of puns?

After the excitement of the morning, I decided to shake a leg and put into action my previously-determined course of action for the day: cleaning out my art/stamping room and making some cards. I cleared off nearly all the magazines, plastic and metal containers and other detritus that had collected on my stamping table for the past few months. There is still a small pile of things to sort through, but things look much better. After all, my organizational skills are leg-endary.

I also, at long last, completed the third of three ATCs I had promised to make for my friend Sandy. (She sent me hers ages ago, and has been extremely sweet about waiting for mine). I hope she likes them! She requested a snowman, an Autumn card, and a Chanukah card, all with the Hebrew words for those things somewhere on the card. I managed to comply with her request without resorting to any "feets" of leg-erdemain.

I also made a couple of greeting cards. This one is for my friend Shelly.

And this one is for my friend Sue's MIL, who could use a bit of cheer these days. As you can see, the background is the same on both cards. I used a Posh Impressions Rainbow Sponge to make the stripes on a 4.5 x 6" postcard, then cut that in half so I could make two cards from one background. I think such frugality is completely leg-itimate, don't you? The pale lilac frame you see here is, in real life, much closer to the lighter color purple in the stripes. Scanning always messes up the colors, and I have no clue how to remedy that. Whenever I try to adjust the color in a scan, I end up making things worse.

Now I need to leg it back into my stamping room to get busy on a birthday card for a special friend. It isn't late yet, but I suspect it will be by the time it arrives in her mailbox. It feels good to be making cards again. I think I've gotten a little burned out on trading cards, so I'll focus on greeting cards for the next little while.

And I promise not to continue with these puns in my next post. I just can't leg-itimize it.

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Bobbisox said...

Has your friend contacted you with the details?? Inquiring minds and all that, all agog.