Friday, January 11, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a pretty darned good day, overall. It was the kind of day that is a hodge podge of things, just the way I like it (there we are, back to that box of chocolates a la Forrest Gump).

One of the things I did today was make these. We don't have butterscotch chips in this country, at least not anywhere I was able to look. So I substituted what passes for white chocolate chips around here. Next time, I think I'll just go for the chocolate. These are quite yummy, and the nice thing about them is that they'll be a good summertime treat, since they do not need to be baked.

Another thing I made today was this. It will go out in Sunday's mail (no mail here on Saturdays) to a friend of mine who was in a (thankfully not too serious) car accident a while ago.

I also found the time to finish these. This is the third pair of slippers I have made so far for the Cheyenne River Reservation. I used the pattern here, with the modification that I added my usual short, ribbed cuff. They look rather enormously wide for their length, but I am sure they will stretch and be able to accomodate someone.

I now finally have the opportunity to cast on a pair of slippers using Ann's recipe for the cute and colorful footwear you can see in the button to the right, at the top of my blog.

The other thing I did today was go to the library at the American School with my friend Chaya. The school is about a 10 minute drive from my house, and has a spacious parking lot (not by any means a standard feature in this country). However. Can you say "Li-berry disappointed", boys and girls? Well, wait. First of all, this school has an incredibly gorgeous campus and a lovely new library. A rather empty library. A library that is, quite naturally, geared toward the interests and research needs of students, from grades 1 - 12. I was not terribly surprised that I didn't find my favorite authors on the shelves. There were plenty of other very fine writers' works there. But I was distressed when I learned (and believe me, I double-checked) that the library didn't even own a copy of a novel for young adults called Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. It was recommended to me by a lovely and intelligent young adult, and I had been looking forward to reading it. Hrmph!

That clinched it. Well, that and the fact that for your $100 annual membership fee, you get to use the library for 10 months. It's closed during the summer, naturally. I actually did see a number of non-fiction titles that looked interesting, but I left without signing up (or forking out the cash). I can always go back if I change my mind. Chaya reminded me of another library that has books in English, and since I'm already a member of the organization that runs it, it won't cost me anything to borrow books from there. The catch? This library is in the heart of downtown. No convenient parking, and a fairly largish hassle to get there. I'm also not sure how extensive it is. I think I'll call over there next week and ask a few questions.

Of course, if I want to go all glass-half-full on you, I can say that a lack of fresh reading material means I'll get lots of other things done this weekend!

And I'll leave you with this:

A virtual playdate. Sheesh!


Bobbisox said...

that is so cute of your daughter!! you are so quick on your projects; STAMPING ROOM????

LizzieK8 said...

Cookies: try chow mein noodles. Wonderful!

Card is way too cute. I may have to get in an accident to merit a card from you! ;)

Rainbow slippers are way cute. I love the pattern, too. It looks so nice and simple.

Sorry about the library thing.... I know how disappointing it can be to look forward to finding good reads and be thoroughly disappointed....

Virtual play date... other than it tying up the computer... ;) I love it when my two sons (one local, one in TN) get onto their XBoxes together. I always interrupt for a "free" long distance phone call!