Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching a Break

Make that two. The first break was that I finished the second pair of mittens from the mystery yarn, with just a little left over. I even had time today to cast on for another pair, using leftovers from my stash.

We worked all day, but at five Avi and Liat had to leave for a semi-annual meeting with Liat's homeroom teacher, wherein the teacher will reveal where Liat's grades stand at this point in the semester, and say lots of nice things about our daughter. Not that I don't enjoy those meetings, but I elected to stay home with Meital, since they're going to be going on to the grocery store after that. This way, I can relax with a nice glass of Shiraz Cabernet and update my blog. And knit! We'll have a late dinner when they get back.

The work is going well. It's very interesting stuff; basically it's a whole manual on how to evaluate the speech of someone who is learning a foreign language. It was put out by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. We're translating it into Hebrew, for use by evaluators here. Of course, I keep pestering my family, demanding that they tell me whether I am a "Superior" (no way), "Advanced" (maybe), "Intermediate" (definitely), or "Novice" (been there, done that). Memo to me: never ask questions to which you might not like the answers.*

Let me try to answer a few recent questions from the comments. If I miss some, please forgive me!

Sandy asked if I have any of Dee Gruenig's stamping videos. Oh my, yes! They are so much fun, too. When I first got them, both of my daughters would come running to watch with me, even though they don't stamp often. Dee is simply too fabulous to miss.

Joansie asked about normal temperatures in winter and summer, here in Netanya (maybe she meant all of Israel, but since it varies depending on where in the country you are, I will answer for where I live). Israel measures temperatures in Celcius, so often I have absolutely no idea what temperature it is outside! You'd think after 13 years, I'd have learned how to convert, but it's not as simple as pounds to kilos (2.2 = 1), so I haven't bothered. After all, it's either hot, perfect (for about five days a year) or cold. No, I'd estimate that in the winter here by the coast of the Mediterranean it gets to be in the fifties or so. I know that doesn't seem cold to most of you, but it all depends on what you're used to. There are maybe two days during the winter that I really, really wish I had gotten around to knitting a hat for myself (but then, I don't get out much). In the summer, it's usually in the nineties and very humid.

Lizzie didn't ask a question, but she provided a helpful tip, so thanks, Lizzie!

And that's about it from here. Rest assured, I am sneaking in some knitting every chance I get. I may even borrow a page from the Yarn Harlot and take my knitting into the bathroom with me, if I have to.

*Okay, Lizzie, I'll bet you thought I was going to say, "Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting." Name that movie.


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Joansie said...

I just love those mittens. I wish I could "touch" (a/k/a fondle) them. Amy, just a thought but how about posting one Hebrew word with pronounciation and definition occasionally? Thanks for the weather info.

Jill L said...

Hey you had enought for 'lil mittens. Way to go!