Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Yarn

I am still crazy in love with this mystery yarn. As it turns out, I may never know who made it. So I have decided to live in the moment (always a stretch for me; I am really big on planning ahead) and savor each stitch.

I love the way the yarn feels as I wrap it around the needle. I love the feel of the knitted fabric as it grows under my hands. I love knowing that most likely it was a human, not a machine, that created this thick, then thin, yarn. I love the way the colors keep changing, and the fact that the two mittens are not going to match. At all.

And I'm hoping there will be enough yarn left to knit another pair of mittens.


Jill L said...

Amy -- this looks like Noro Kureyon -- one of my favs! They are coming along nicely!

Jill L said...

Amy yes, vegetation is normal and so it the thick/thin areas. It is wonderful yarn and felts up great! is having a huge sale on it now!

Joansie said...

Very pretty, Amy....which makes me wonder about the temperatures in Israel. What is normal in the winter and what is normal in the summer.