Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Sorts

It's been a busy and productive day here at Bag of Chocolates! First of all, as you can see I finished up Liat's cotton ankle socks (yarn is Sockotta). I then cast on for something new, but I will tell you more about that the next time I post.

I also have been working on my current mitten, and am nearly ready for the decreases at the top of the mitten. Then I'll just need to do the thumb, and that will be pair #7 finished. I'm considering making a pair of Fetching wristwarmers (the Knitty pattern) for the next pair of hand warmer-uppers for the Rez.

In scrapbooking news, I am now working on the last page of Meital's Third Grade layouts (actually, the last two pages are always of summer vacation). I cleaned up my crafts room today, and it looks pretty darn spiffy, if I do say so myself. I threw out a bunch of junk - but not nearly *enough* junk! Further cleaning is definitely needed, but won't be happening any time soon. Tomorrow's projects include weeding/pruning in the front yard and an attempt to remove the wall to wall carpeting in the room we laughingly refer to as The Office.

As for Barbie, she's looking a bit...well...green. I have learned that Barbie hair will not absorb dye ink (big surprise, eh? Plastic isn't an absorbent substance, huh? Who'da thunk?). Anyway, as you can see I've got this fairly cool scale thing going on. That came out pretty much as I'd hoped, actually. I still have a way to go but these things take time. Particularly when I am the one doing them. Ahem.

The shells in that little cup are part of the Big Plan. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, my pretties...

Not just baby steps, but strides have been made on the genealogy front, thanks in large part to the kindess of strangers. Posting a question on an e-mail list can work wonders, I've learned. Plus I've managed to get to know a few really wonderful folks who have very kindly offered to help me out. It's so good to be reminded that the world really is full of lovely people.

And filed under fabulous surprises is the fact that the pattern booklet I ordered here on MAY 30 arrived today! It's the Dalegarn Baby book #155. There are some adorable patterns in there, though I imagine it will be awhile before I can start one. I must have been woozy from all the recent births in Avi's family, becuase normally I take at least a month to ponder book purchases, but I saw this and ordered it all in a rush last week. And I'm not sorry, either!

I hope your day has been (or will be, depending on where you live) as fantastic as mine.


Joansie said...

Very interesting post, Amy. Darn, I was trying to figure out the pic of the socks and then read your blog only to learn you are going to keep us in suspense...lol. Barbie is coming along nicely.

Jill L said...

These are so pretty!

Bobbisox said...

Pretty sockies; strange Barbie? Mermaid Barbie, I wonder?

Sandy said...

I can't wait to see more. And I love the scaly look. This wild hair of yours has really sparked your creativity. Wonderful!

Sandy said...

Try alcohol inks on the hair. There are several brands, but if you can't find them, try a permanent marker like the Sharpie brand. There are some glass paints that might work, but I don't know if they will make the hair stiff.