Monday, June 16, 2008

Fetching, Finished

I am way behind schedule here, and I apologize! I finished the Fetching wristwarmers a few days ago, but our computer situation has been in an uproar, so I am only just getting around to posting. The pattern is available for free on and the yarn I used was acrylic from the stash. I mistakenly added five extra rounds to the plain ribbed portion on the first wristwarmer, so I made the second to match. I actually think the extra length will be a good thing during the cold South Dakota winters. These were a fun, quick, easy knit (and I learned a new technique!) and I will probably make more of them.

This makes 8 pairs of mittens/wristwarmers for the Reservation. Now that I have completed the requested amount for this challenge, I am going to gradually make more to add to the box, which does not need to be mailed out until September.

Right now I am working on the Shetland Shorty (from the new Knitty) for Liat, who asked me if it could be ready for Friday night (!). What do you suppose I told her? Yup, you got it. So I'm focussing on that for now. I've also got a cute little baby tee shirt on the needles, but that is nearly done and doesn't need to be finished until Sunday.

I got a new computer and printer last weekend, but the adjustment period is being more difficult than I'd expected. For one thing, I think there may be a virus on the computer (it is only new-to-me, it was Avi's for a few months), so I am trying not to use it. I don't know when our computer situation will be straightened out, because our friend and computer guy is on vacation until early July. So for now I am back to using Meital's computer, which I am trying to do while she's in school so as not to inconvenience her.


Joansie said...

I love the wristwarmers. Great color, also. You are inspiring me to start mine. The yarn is on coffee table..just need to get going.

Mothers are used to deadlines for our kids, right! You go girl! You can do (I'd put money on it if I were a gambling person.)

LizzieK8 said...

What new technique did you learn?

I agree, the extra length is a good thing. I remember as a kid my wrists getting so cold when I was out playing in the snow!

Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy! I'm with Joansie, I'd put money on it, too!

Hope the computer thing resolves itself. Does it not have that neat reset thing where you can pick a date and it'll set the computer as it was on that date, i.e., before the suspected virus hit?

Jill L said...

Love the Fetchings. You're a dedicated Mom to "whip up" a shrug for your daughter. SO sorry about your computer problems -- I hope its better soon.

Karin said...

Those Fetchings are great!

And kudos to you for being able to knit under such a tight deadline...