Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Feeling the Love

I don't think there's much more stressful to me than feeling out of sorts with my knitting. Right now, that's where I am.

I'm still suffering anxiety attacks over the knee sock for my niece. I suspect the pattern I've been following isn't all that great, and that the socks will be too tiny. I finally got around to doing a little math, and was shocked to see that with the gauge I have (8.5 stitches per inch) it will be waaaay too small/tight to fit around my niece's (or anyone else over the age of ten's) calf. Gulp!

Liat's Shetland Shorty seems to be about the right length when placed on her back, but according to the pattern it's still too short. Also according to another little bolero top she has and loves. Need to double check. Been putting it off.

I started another little baby top in pink and purple, and it's awfully cute. Liat has already claimed it (since it's a just-in-case baby item, it may well sit in a drawer until needed...). But, I just don't feel like working on it.

My Coronet hat is wonderful, but I don't feel like working on that, either.

This kind of thing happens every once in awhile. Part of me wants to "cure" the problem by casting on for something new, but nothing is really calling to me. I know what I should do is double check the top for Liat, double check the sock measurements, and get back to work on what's already on the needles. Meanwhile, I have been doing some genealogy research and playing a lot of Text Twist on Yahoo! Games.

Just pathetic.


Bobbisox said...

I can understand the feeling, plus it is hot summer. I haven't knit one stitch in 3 weeks; hoped the a/c I bought would help. We had to call an electrician. EEEk.
Still no a/c working.

Joansie said...

Oh, Amy, been there also. Please feel the love from me and your other blogging friends. The enthusiasm will return in short order. Perhaps a trip to your LYS is in

LizzieK8 said...

It must be something going around. I've been feeling the same thing. Very discontent with Mittnz and Hatz. So I CO a baby sweater (after having frogged the February Sweater). It's helping some to concentrate on large areas of brain dead knitting.

Other blogs I've read express the same thing. Maybe in our ancient history we were supposed to be doing other things at Summer Solstice than knitting!

Anonymous said...

I'm a crocheter and a tip I got from a seamstress/needlework friend, that I think should work for knitting, is to take a sewing clothing pattern that fits the particular child and knit or crochet a piece to fit the pattern piece. Add a little by increasing the pattern or decrease a little according to the tissue paper, then whip stitch pieces together. She sewed and made sweaters galore for her grandchildren and sewed for a living. Hope that helps!