Friday, June 27, 2008

Purple Prose

I played around with that basic baby tee pattern I showed you a few days ago, and this is the result. No particular baby in mind, I just thought it would be a good idea to finish up some stash yarn, and have a baby garment ready and waiting should the need for one arise.

Staying in the purple theme, I saw that over on Think Monday, Think ATC this week's challenge is to use a ticket on an ATC. I knew I had some tickets purchased awhile back from Collage Stuff, so I decided to see what I could come up with. This is the result. My word stamp came out a bit blurry (I think the ink bled), so I went over the words with a gold paint pen. Not sure whether that helped or not, but in person it is a bit easier to read. It says, "Are we having fun yet?" I thought it went perfectly with the pouty little sweet baby face! The word stamp is by River City Rubber Works, the other stamps are by Close to My Heart, the ticket and the little girl are from Collage Stuff, and the flower is a sticker I purchased at my local art shop. I have since made this ATC into a standard sized (4.35" x 5.5") greeting card, so that I can send it out to someone. I am not much in the mood for ATC swaps lately, but I am happy to mail out greeting cards to people.

I've also been working on some other stamping projects that I hope to submit to Rubberstampmadness Magazine. There's also a rather risque collage I've been putting together, again trying to use up stamping/collage stash. That will probably get made into a card, also.

I have worked a little on Liat's Shetland Shorty, but haven't made much progress. I got the measurements I needed to continue with my niece's sock, but haven't touched it. I started a dishcloth, again mostly in order to use up yarn stash, rather than from any burning desire to have more dishcloths.

And that's about all that's new around here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Joansie said...

The baby tee is so sweet. When the need arises, you won't be stressed coming up with something.

Glad you posted as I was thinking of you and your knitting slump. Looks like you really came out of it.

Jill L said...

The tee is so cute and now you have a gift on hand. I love the idea of the ATC challange. I used to stamp a lot, but gave it up to knit!