Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bye for Now

Thank you so much to all who wrote with words of prayer, support and encouragement. By this time tomorrow, I will be waiting at Ben Gurion Airport to board my flight to New York. I will be worried, nervous, sad and irritated. I really hate not being allowed to knit when I want to! I need to find a tee shirt that says, "I'd rather be knitting" to wear on flights. I don't know what airline Stephanie flies, but as far as I know, I am not allowed to bring my knitting on the airlines I use (see her entry for August 4th; there's no permalink to the post).

If I let myself, I get very twitchy and anxious, what with all this worry and waiting. It will be a relief to actually be on my way, but for now I am trying to keep busy. Avi and I got the carpet out of most of the master bedroom yesterday and the day before. There's just a tiny walk-in closet left to do.

Today, I took things easy, doing laundry and packing. I spent a lot of time browsing blogs, and had quite a pleasant visit at Ivory Blush Roses.

Tomorrow, I'll finish up the packing and do more (a lot more) laundry, some ironing, change the sheets and do anything else I can think of (and have time for) that will help the coming week pass by smoothly for my dear ones while I am away.

And may the coming week be a smooth one - and a good one - for all of you.


Joansie said...

Amy, I will be thinking of you this week and keeping you and your family in my prayers that your dad's surgery is successful and that his recovery is smooth.


craftyvox said...

Ack, I wish I had seen this post one day earlier, then I could have wished you a good and safe flight to the States. I am real sorry to hear the news about your dad, but I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope his surgery will be going well and that he'll has a speedy recovery. You hang in there! *hug*

Jill L said...

Amy I will be sending thoughts a prayers your way for you, your father and family. Have a safe flight,

Karin said...

Dearest Amy, I hope everything went well.
Waiting for news.