Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking

It is in the 90s here today, and MAN do I wish it would cool off already! It's been fun (not) but it's October, for Pete's sake! (My family always asks me who the heck is Pete and why should we do anything for him?).

Ahem. Sorry about that little rant. Anyway. The idea for this card came when I tried to think where I could use those cute little face images (from the Posh Impressions Halloween Duets set). I've used them on flowers, and as you know, on the card in the post before this one. Actually, I started this card first, but it was finished second so that's why they're out of order. The hats and saying are from the Posh Snowman set, and of course the background and cacti are from the Posh Southwest set.

I think I will stamp some more snow-themed cards. Rain would be more realistic, but if you're gonna dream, dream big, right?

Sandy asked how long it took to make that little Hug from Home that I gave to Liat. It really knits up very quickly, and it's all knit flat and then sewn together. But it's tiny (fits in the palm of your hand) so it's fast. Doing the intarsia (where I changed from purple to blue green for the heart) made it take a little longer, but I would guess you could make one of these in a couple of hours or less.

And speaking of knitting, I have a completed Leaf Beret to show you as soon as I can get one of my models to pose for me. I'm also nearly done with another black London Beanie, this time for one of my nephews in Jerusalem.

I hope all of you are having a fabulous, not too hot!!!, day.


Joansie said...

Love the card. I was in Florida one year during the holidays and it was very warm and just didn't feel the same.

How many months is your weather cold enough for you to wear your beautiful knitted warmer garments?

Sandy said...

Thanks for answering the question. I still think they would make great gifts and would make a great way to use up your leftover yarn. On top of that, you could stamp a tag to go with each one. Don't you love how others can make work for you?lol

Anyway, it's cold and crisp here. I wore my winter coat today, but it was not quite cold enough and I was sweating in the car.