Saturday, September 22, 2007

Call Me Crazy

I ain't trippin', ah
I ain't twisted, ah
I ain't demented, huh
Well, just a little bit.*

By now you know how busy I am lately. So naturally, the smart thing to do is focus, work intensively on the things that need to get done first, and concentrate on one project at a time.

What I did instead was put my Samus sleeves in time out and cast on for the Doll Bag from the Berroco website, for Liat. I'm nearly done with the first fairisle section (in purple-ish pink and orange).

I decided it might be a good wake up call if I put out all of my current projects and took a picture of them. Actually, looking at the picture makes me feel a little queasy. At least most of the items aren't on a deadline! By now the sock is alot farther along: I'm about to turn the heel. And I've worked more on the scarf, too. Those two things do need to get done as quickly as possible, so they're what I'm working on for now. Though why I would bother to start something new and not work on it is beyond me. I've already done that twice: with the Baby Surprise Jacket, and now with the Doll Bag.

Maybe I really am demented.

* from Breakin' Dishes, on Rihanna's new CD Good Girl Gone Bad


LizzieK8 said...

I know what you mean. And I've got at least five books to listen to, three or four books to read and the new TV season starts tomorrow!!!! Help! Overload!

Bobbisox said...

Welcome to what my living room looks like, only not laid out so neat. I notice the Conwy is not in the proud position of neatly displaying its' pattern. What is the issue, is it general fiddlyness with it or were there errors? There is an erratta page for the patterns.

Karin said...

Everything you make is just....beautiful. Cards, knitting...looks like you are enjoying the process!