Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, wash my face!

Here is my first attempt at a washcloth (dishcloth?). I got such a kick out of this quick and easy project. I'm even more delighted with myself than I already was, because this summer I bought three small skeins of cotton for making wash-and-or-/dishcloths. I suppose if up until now I had been wondering, I can rest assured that I am, indeed, a process knitter. Why else would a simple, garter stitch w/d cloth (getting lazy here) give me such pleasure and knitterly satisfaction?

Once again the amount accomplished today seems ridiculously miniscule here at the end of the day. Well, it's not the literal end of the day, it's the "have a nice glass of Merlot and contemplate what you've accomplished (or not)" end of the day. Two loads of laundry (and why should that even count?) and various other bits of housework. Yawn.

I also worked on ATCs for another swap, and finished the front of another card for my sister's birthday (I'm up to #33 out of 50, for the "Fifty Things I Love About Linda"). It's not perfect, but I'm excited about this one because I not only used my new-to-me Micro Beads, but I tried (for the first time ever) the technique of stamping into a hot square of melted embossing powder. I'm thrilled with the detail that came through. I still need to work on the inside of this card, so it's not ready to send out yet. Tomorrow I hope to make at least one more quickie card to mail out with this one.

Wednesday is the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We will be gone from home the entire day and late into the night. We will spend the day helping my mother-in-law prepare for the holiday (hey, knitting socks helps!), and the evening celebrating with Avi's parents, older brother and his family. Unfortunately, Avi's younger brother is currently working in Silicon Valley and won't be able to join us for the holiday.

The side-effect of this holiday is that there will be no postal service on Thursday and Friday. So I hope to make a couple more cards to mail out before things shut down. I also hope I can post again tomorrow, since Wednesday it ain't gonna happen. But tomorrow is honey cake day, so that needs to come before blogging (I can't believe I wrote that!).


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much nicer the pic of the cloth is on this blog. No need to feel guilty when not getting to a particular project. You are busy being productive elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my brain took that bag of chocolates header, the embossing on the hot powder that it was envisioning done in fine cocoa, and--well, stir that in your hot chocolate and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as usual, Amy! I like the colors in the dishcloth. I need to make a couple more. Mine are starting to look a little worse for the wear!