Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Remember

On days like this, we all tend to play the "Where were you...?" game. Six years ago today, all four of us were at the dentist. It was late afternoon when we got into the car for the 30 minute drive home. The news was on the radio, and we listened in stunned silence to the reports coming in from New York. We raced to turn on the TV as soon as we got home, and watched the horrifying footage over and over, until late into the night. At one point, I called my parents in California, suspecting they hadn't yet heard the news. My father's immediate response to my question, "Have you heard?" was "Oh, has there been another terrorist attack in Israel?" Now that, to quote one of my favorite movies, is what you call ironic.

I've been thinking about that day, six years ago, all day. But because Americans, like Israelis, have learned to deal with what is, and go on, I have also spent the day in creative endeavors. Because only when we cease to live do we let the terrorists win.

These are the ATCs I have made for the "It's Greek to Me" swap at ATCards.com. The backgrounds are altered newspaper. The women came from a circular advertising cosmetics, and the questions came from an IKEA furniture store catalog. Various other items (the bird, the lips, the green plastic circle) were either from "junk" mail or gifts received when ordering art supplies. I have to say, using and altering free stuff is my very favorite technique at the moment. I have some great images on my worktable that I am itching to get to once I finish up all my swaps.

On that subject, as I was on the verge of walking out of the house to mail my swaps today, I learned that I was supposed to make FOUR (4) witchy ATCs, not three! Back to the drawing board. I've had alot of fun working on the new cards (I decided to make two more, so that the swap hostess could keep one).

I've nearly finished up the card for my sister that I showed you yesterday. I need to make alot more! But that's not going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to Jerusalem early in the morning, and won't be home until late at night. I hope to use part of that time working on my Conwy sock (possibly finishing it?!) and thinking of more card ideas. Thursday and Friday are holidays from school, but I hope even with the girls at home I'll be able to make a couple-three more cards to mail out when the post office reopens on Sunday.

To all who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, I wish you a shanah tova, a good year. A year of good health and much happiness. A year of peace.

Shalom, and I will "see" you on Thursday.


Sandy said...

Thanks for the well-wishes on my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your artwork today. Have you many friends in Isreael who share your art? I'm turning 50 this year so I know that your sister will appreciate the 50 cards!

Wishing you a shanah tova as well.
Sandy M.

Anonymous said...

Hope your day in Jerusalem was a great one. I look forward to seeing the Conwy sock.

Anonymous said...

We, in the US, entered a foreign world that day.

Anonymous said...

I had just dropped my kids off at the high school and was listening to the radio at a red light. The announcer said something about a particular tower in San Francisco being closed, if you worked there, don't come in.

I thought it had some weird power failure or something. And then--say WHAT!?

And then they started talking about NYC. Apparently a skyscraper in San Fran was believed for those few minutes to be a target too, or maybe that whole area. But I was just staring, jaw on the floor, and then looking around at the other drivers. Planes? NYC? Did you HEAR that?!? Nope, they were all having a normal day over there in their cars, it looked like.

I bet THAT didn't last!

Bobbisox said...

Yes, I remember that day; it was horrible watching what I could before heading off to the busy freeways of San Diego and not knowing if we (a big military town)were one of the next targets. Having a spouse in the military didn't help with knowlege as they had had some information that they couldn't share earlier (or even then or now). We worked in a building that is 5 stories tall, but one of the biggest phone centers of all California. We were given all kinds of warnings, more security and no information. No radio, no emails to let us know more of what went on. Unfortunately the callers who called in to discuss their bills neither watched tv or cared to watch it to let us know what was going on. I still can't understand that attitude of Ostrich-ing.
Now, since last week when we buried my fathers' remains on the 11th, that day will have a different meaning for me.