Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yes, D.E.A.R.

Sometimes, I get into these moods where all I want to do is lose myself in a book. I don't do any of my usual stuff: knit (well, maybe just a little bit), craft, or do art... After an intense day Wednesday, surrounded by people, busy helping out with cooking and cleaning up, knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and talking to people... Well, all I've wanted to do for the last few days is read. For a couple of those days, I didn't even turn on my computer. I read somewhere about a school that set aside time once a week for the students to read. It was called D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read. And that pretty well sums up my last few days.

I did manage to finish my first Conwy Sock, and start the second. Haven't touched Samus or anything else, though. I am 95% sure I'm going to have to rip back those sleeves a bit, and redo the sleeve cap, and of course I'm avoiding it like the plague.

I have managed to get a good start on a couple more cards for my sister, but nothing is ready to go in the mail, including that black and mustard job I showed you a while back. There's still plenty of time, but I need to get back in the groove.

I did get these done:

The forgotten witches! (You may recall, I made three ATCs for the Witchy Halloween swap, forgetting that I needed to make at least 4). They're finally all done and on their way.

I've done a little more playing around with this technique (altered magazine images; I got the idea from Bernie Berlin's book), except of course I mostly use catalog images. I have alot of fun with it. But I need to get back into my normal routine, both art-wise and knit-wise. Soon I will be settling into my volunteering schedule for at least this semester, and I want everything else to be on an even keel first.

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