Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They Weren't Kidding

I have written to the friend who sent me this leg, and I hope she will reply soon with an explanation. Most likely, she thought there might be someone here in Israel who could use a prosthetic leg.

I have a feeling I'll be hearing about this every time I go back to the post office.


LizzieK8 said...

Well, is it the same size as your or Ari's foot? You can use it to try on socks.

I'm guessing it's mail art. Was it packaged or just had a tag on it? How funny! We used to send the goofiest stuff through the mail when I was into stamping! Stuffed toys with a tag attached...rubber duckies. I once got a 12 inch wooden ruler. It was fun!

Sandy said...

Funny! I think you have inspired someone's creativity. Yes, you will always be remembered at the post office.

craftyvox said...

It could be a piece of "naked mail" - items (the weirder the better apperently LOL) that are being sent as-is with only a mailing label and postage attached to it (so not packaged and all).

Tis a bit of a weird item though! I am glad you know the person who send you this - otherwise I'd find it a bit creepy hehehe.

And yepyep, I bet you'l be hearing more about this at your post office haha. What Lizziek said btw, handy to try on new socks you knitted? =)