Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Tee

I just finished up this little baby tee shirt. It was an easy, fast knit. Next time I make this pattern, I am going to play around a bit with color or perhaps stitch patterns. This will likely become a staple in my baby-knitting repertoire.

Aside from leaving off the gratuitous advertising of the original, I used a thinner yarn and size 3.75mm needles, which gave me a gauge of 22 stitches to 4", or a 15" chest. The original pattern is made with worsted weight yarn and size 6 US needles (4mm) and is supposed to result in a 20" chest.

After the little romper and booties I made for the last baby boy in the family, Avi feels this shirt isn't quite "enough." I will see if I have time to make a pair of matching socks. Shorts or a diaper cover would be cute, but I hate mixing and matching patterns to make a set: I'm always afraid they won't come out the same size.

Meanwhile, the back of Liat's Shetland Shorty is nearly done and I hope to make a good start on the right front over the weekend.


Joansie said...

How sweet! I think the socks would be great as how many babies will have exact matching socks! I'm with you. I don't like mixing patterns, thus my dilemma for my next project. (That's a baby project, also.)

LizzieK8 said...

So cute! How long did you decide to make it? I'm a fan of longer shirts that keep the kidneys warm.

Matching socks would be cute, too. Is it wool?

Bobbi said...

UMMM, you would THINK the man would see how much work the little Tee is and be done with it, but sockies would be cute. I just don't think necessary.