Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do You Know the Way to Stamp O'Say?

Sorry, bad pun (my favorite kind).

I realized that probably one reason for my dissatisfaction with my knitting is that it is hot and humid, and I am more in the mood to stamp than to knit.

Here is the card (and matching envelope) I sent to my mother for her birthday. I hope she gets it before her special day. I kinda sorta left things a wee tiny little bit late.

I have stamped a whole bunch of other things in the last couple of days, and I've even worked on the poor, nearly forgotten Altered Barbie. She will, I suspect, soon be finished. Keep an eye on this space for the Big Reveal.

Or not.


Joansie said...

Nice card, Amy. I have that very stencil.

Yes, sometimes it is just too hot to knit. Sometimes a break is also needed. I'm not getting much accomplished lately, either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the invite to your blog! Very nice card! I'm sure your mother will like it! I finished up a birthday invitation card, scrapbook page, and party gear set for Scrap & Stamp Arts Mag today. Have a couple more cards to finish, then send it in this weekend.


LizzieK8 said...

Lovely card! I'm sure mom will love it regardless of when it arrives!

Glad you feel better about the less knitting more stamping thing! :) Being able to channel your creativity into many different expressions is a great gift. The closest I get is to CO another project!