Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heart of Gold

There's a stamping challenge going on at Club Posh right now. Stamp something with a heart on it. Easy, and perfect for getting a head start on those valentines. The only catch: the heart can't be any shade of pink or red. I started thinking about all of my wonderful, caring friends, and the idea for this card evolved from there. My biggest problem now will be deciding which friend should get the card. I may have to make a few more!

This card has quite a story behind it! I started with a tan colored card. Stamped the saying ("It's all about the Journey and the friends you make along the way") all over the back with Versamark ink. Now, the idea with Versamark ink is that although it is clear, it leaves a nice image that will be slightly darker than the original color of the cardstock. The other thing about this ink is that it is very thick and slow drying, so it is perfect for heat embossing. When I stamped the card, I hadn't planned on embossing the background image (the saying). But when I went to stamp another saying at the bottom of the card, the Versamark wasn't dry enough yet, so it grabbed hold of the clear embossing powder, too! No problem, I'll just emboss everthing, I thought. Well. You could hardly read the saying I'd wanted emphasized at the bottom. So, I restamped the saying on black cardstock, and just covered up the earlier attempt. The saying at the bottom, and the heart, were stamped using a gold Cat's Eye ink pad, and covered with clear embossing powder. I have been struggling all day, trying to figure out a combination that would give me a brighter gold than what I usually get when I stamp with gold ink and emboss with gold powder. Liat suggested clear powder over the gold ink, and that's what gave me the best result. Thank goodness she was hanging out with me in my stamping room, instead of working on her English project upstairs! All stamps, of course, are by Dee Gruenig.

Lest you think that all I did today was get gold ink all over my hands and clothes (though you know that happened!), we went to Jerusalem today, and of course that means knitting in the car. I had originally thought to work on my sister's wristwarmers, but in order to do that I would have needed to bring along a book and a notebook (where all my notes are for increases, etc) and I just didn't want to hassle with it. Instead, I finished the first baby sock and got mostly done with the leg of the second sock. I have a huge ziplock bag full of yarn leftover from socks made over the last year or two, and I really want to convert all of that to baby and toddler sized socks, to either give to family, donate, or save for the future.

I am nearly done with the sleeve caps on Meital's Starsky Jr. cardigan. I hope to get those done tonight, then block all the pieces (back, both fronts and both sleeves) tomorrow. I just couldn't manage to get them done before we went out today, and I'd rather tackle the blocking in the morning. Maybe while that's drying, I will swatch for the bolero I am going to knit for Liat. Fun stuff!

I hope you're all keeping warm! Please send us some precipitation, if you have any to spare...


Joansie said...

I love the card. It really says "from Amy" for a couple of reasons. First thing I thought of was chocolate and the association with your blog name.

Then I remembered that Hershey's used to have a line of greeting cards that when you licked the envelope, it tasted like chocolate...pretty cool!

LizzieK8 said...

Wonderful card!

Baby socks. I've been working on toddler socks for Feetz. They are such a quick project!

Anonymous said...

Amy you are as wonderful at stamping & creating cards as my daughter in law .
Such beautiful creations I can never throw one of hers away.
You are so talented,Hope you are passing it all on too the girls. Bet you do Scrapbooking also.
Elsie <><

Unknown said...

I am so inspired by your card making. It's beautiful!