Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This and That

Above is a card design called an "explosion" card (there are several types). It folds up to about 4" square, but expands when open - as you can see. I learned how to make this type of explosion card on Club Posh. I get so many great ideas, and so much help, from the folks there! This card will be going out to a very special Poshie friend who reads this blog...Can you guess who??

With the exception of the small snowflake next to the words Thank You (covering up a boo boo, thankyouverymuch), all images are by Posh Impressions, um I mean Dee Gruenig Signature Designs. I covered up some green cardstock that had been dry embossed in a Cuttlebug machine with white acrylic paint and a light coating of Glitz Spritz (see yesterday's post for the link if you would like more details). I tried to make the whole thing as glittery and shimmery as possible.

I played around with some other stuff in my stamping room, and hope to have more cards to show you soon.

I also finished a scarf for Liat today. I really don't enjoy knitting with this 100% polyester eyelash "yarn." In fact, I have come to detest it! The only thing that kept me going was knowing how much Liat loves scarves made with this yarn. I have now made three scarves from this stuff for Liat, and one for a friend of hers (which was carried along with a more normal yarn and so wasn't quite so annoying to knit). I have also used it as trim on mittens, and quite possibly in other circumstances that I am supressing for the good of my mental health. In any event, I purchased two skeins too many of this stuff last week, and instead of stashing the remainder, I am going to return it. Who knows, I may even buy something else while I'm in the shop!

Now that the scarf is done, I have three projects on the needles: the Starsky Jr. cardigan for Meital (back and both fronts done, sleeves done nearly to the shaping at the top), a top-down pullover for me, and a baby sock for... well, let's call it the baby gift stash. That means that I am, to my way of thinking at least, free to cast on another project. Yay! I will show you in the next post what that will be. It's gonna be good.


Joansie said...

I just love the card....the recipient will love it.

I'm with you. Though the scarf is very lovely, I hate to knit with eyelash yarn. It's difficult to pick up a dropped stitch or frog bag if needed. It shows no stitch definition. I still have some in my stash.

Tama said...

Nice card! I love it!!!
I like that scarf too - crocheting with that yarn is a headache, I can't even imagine trying to knit with it :S

Anonymous said...

Amy -
I have just found your blog and love it. I am in awe of your knitting - it is wonderful and something I have always wished I did.
Hugs - Ceramics (club Posh friend)

Sandy said...

Sorry you don't like working with the yarn, but your daughter looks beautiful in her scarf. Looks like there might be a couple more items in your future with this yarn.

Your explosion card worked great. You can also add onto the card and make it into a book.