Thursday, January 15, 2009

They Really Work

For the past two days, when the chill in our house turns my fingers to ice cubes, I have put on the simple pair of wristwarmers I knit for myself in 2004 out of very plain 100% acrylic yarn, and my hands - including fingers! - have warmed up completely. Now, these wristwarmers are so simple that not only are there no finger stubs to warm my individual fingers, but there isn't even a thumb gusset to warm up my thumb! Yet, within ten minutes of putting on these wristwarmers, my ice cube hands are cozy and warm. The power of knitted items should never be underestimated.

Above is a photo of the first in a pair of wristwarmers, or fingerless gloves/mitts if you prefer, that I started yesterday for my sister. Someone asked if this is the sister for whom I made the 50 birthday cards last year, the one who sent me the gorgeous cross stitch picture and Never Not Knitting calendar. Yes, I have only the one. And with a sister like that, why would I need another? She is wonderful. And so is this Schaefer Anne yarn (merino wool, mohair, and nylon). I am using the same make-it-up-as-I-go pattern I used for my niece Kim's fingerless gloves last month.

It makes me feel good to know that their hands will be warm because I love to knit!


Joansie said...

Your sister will love the wristwarmrs. The minute I saw the colorway, I went "wow"! You are such a good sister!

Sandy said...

Sisters are the best! It is so nice to hear that you care for your sister. I'm sure she will love these, and they look so easy. Have you seen the knitting machine? I saw it at JoAnn's last year. I don't know if it does anything other than rows and rows of knitting, but it might be good for a project that doesn't require a lot of changes.

Tama said...

Nice! Very pretty colors, and sweet of you to do - makes it the perfect project, huh?
I luv to make things for my sister - the rest of my family won't wear them! Well, until my sister got married, and her new husband wanted a crocheted hat for christmas. I was so happy!

ps-if you decide to work on Fred any, let me know when and we can have a mini-SAL? I've gotten another book done and part of the little owl on the bottom shelf.

Karin said...

yes those wristwarmers do work!
Those are going to be beautiful..I love how the colors spiral already.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Love the colors, Amy. I always assumed you'd need at least "finger stubs" on fingerless gloves to keep you warm. Maybe I will try a pair of wristwarmers after all!