Thursday, January 22, 2009

Right on Time

A few days ago I went through the pain and trauma of blocking, then sewing together Meital's Starsky Jr. sweater. Here you can see it pinned out on the floor. I used steam from my iron to block it. Not that it did much good; Plymouth Encore yarn is something like 75% acrylic, 25% wool. Still, at least I felt like I went the extra mile. This is the first time I've ever blocked a sweater, and I rather hope it will be the last! The two front pieces are not pinned out in the correct positions relative to one another, in case you're trying to puzzle out how it all comes together.

The day before yesterday I knit on the collar/button bands, and today I wove in the last ends of yarn and sewed on the buttons. It fits Meital perfectly! Except for the sleeves, which are longer than we wanted. But that's what folded cuffs are for, right?

You can't see the leaf pattern too well in these photos (nighttime photos are never as good as daytime), so be sure to look at the pattern photos at the link above to see the design. I made a bunch of mistakes here and there (a purl stitch where there should be a knit stitch) throughout the sweater, and of course didn't notice until the pieces were all done. I hope I can be more careful with my next project, a cabled bolero for Liat, which I started today.

I am very happy to have finished up Meital's sweater today so she can wear it to school tomorrow (no uniforms required on Fridays).


Joansie said...

The sweater is gorgeous and looks so lovely on Meital. She will be the envy of the other kids at school tomorrow.

That is the same green yarn that I used for Jakob's tractor sweater. It is not easy to block. I cussed at it.

Jill L said...

That turned out great and looks sogood on her! Congrats!

LizzieK8 said...

Beautiful! Wow! It's just gorgeous and so is Meital!

Tama said...

Oh, how pretty! You did a great job!
and so, of course, did your model! :D

Karin said...

That came out sooo great. And she looks sooo happy in it!

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Amy!
Long time no see!! LOL!!! I've thought about you, though . . . and the fun we had at the Carson convention and the filming of Dee Greunig's video with YOU as an extra!!! WOW-WEEEE!!!! THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked my tutorial on mulberry paper collage . . . it was fun! Meital looks SUPER in that GORGEOUS sweater you knitted and blocked . . . I still can't believe you can do such professional-looking projects knitting . . . I just don't have the patience nor ability! I just love it!!! It was good to hear from you!!! Take care! I also read parts of your Postcards from Israel . . . it's so enlightening to hear the experiences of a native American living in Israel . . . Take care!!!!!