Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Better Day

Not long ago, I showed you a single flower that seemed to be signalling the start of Spring. Now we have a whole bunch of them! And what really makes this amazing is that these flowers were planted several years ago, and after they faded and died, the plants got all brown and leggy. So I ruthlessly ripped them out; they were an eyesore! And now we've got all these gorgeous new plants in their place. Guess I must have accidentally done the right thing. (I'm an even more inept gardener than I am a seamstress.)

I got the two cards finished today, but neither one is ready to mail out. You can't see it, but the backgrounds of both cards are sponged with pink ink through a piece of screen. First time I've done that, and I really liked it. I will definitely do it again, hopefully next time with a darker color so you can see it.

I stumbled across a couple of very interesting blogs recently, and my head is whirling with all kinds of new ideas. Dot's Life and Art is just a feast for the eyes, and has me thinking about sewing (believe it or not!) some art dolls. Pam Kellog is someone I originally heard of years ago as an extremely talented cross stitch designer. When I discovered her blog yesterday, I was bowled over. The crazy quilt button squares she has been making lately are simply gorgeous. Of course, I want to try to make some of those, too.

With all these beautiful things on my mind, I sat down to stitch on Mother's Arms today, and came up with an amazing idea. One that, if all goes well, may possibly fulfill my dream of being able to combine my many diverse hobbies into one cohesive project. I started experimenting this afteroon on a scrap from Avi's old jeans, and I'm cautiously optimistic. We shall see!

Meanwhile, Avi laughed at my neglected milk carton project and told me I'm an ever slower builder than the contractor who built our house. Guess the gauntlet's been thrown, eh? I actually have been coming up with ideas and searching the paper stash for things to use, but I guess the time has come to get on with it, already! There is the small, insignificant matter of a translation project to complete in the morning, but I fully intend to put in some time on those milk cartons tomorrow!


Tama said...

your flowers - and their card counterparts! - are just lovely. Good luck with the milk-carton project!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs always brighten my day. Love the cards and like hearing about the new techniques even if I haven't stamped in a very long time. The links are wonderful. I, too, have a fascination with buttons.