Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Can See!

I got my magnifying lamp today! It's unbelievable how much easier it is to stitch with it. The magnifying glass is great, and having a light that shines directly on my stitching makes a huge difference. Now, if only I could manage to take pictures that are in focus!

Aside from stitching, I worked a little on my milk carton project. Soon, very soon, I will start to do interesting things with it.

And then there's this pair of Waving Lace socks in Opal Uni for my niece. I finally finished them!

We've been having extremely hot and dry weather here. It's definitely time to put away my raglan sweater. Yesterday and today I worked on some short cotton socks for Meital. I still need to finish up the secret project I started in January. I've made lots of progress on it, but it's not done yet. I want to make a few more cotton dishcloths for the kitchen, and get started on my contribution to the Mittnz Blitz for the Cheyenne River Reservation. You can read more about it here. And take a gander at the lovely button my friend Lizzie made (in my sidebar on the right, up at the top of the page).


craftyvox said...

My granny was a true cross stitch pro, and when she got older my mum&aunts gave her one of those magnifying lamps. She needled her way through tons of beautiful things all the way until her health wouldn't allow her to do it anylonger. She loved her lamp. I hope you'll have just as much good out of it as my granny did but I am sure you do.

My gran would have turned 89 yesterday.. she passed away October 1, 2005 and I still miss her dearly every single day.

craftyvox said...

Btw, this photographs shows Mother's Arms in full beauty! You can see all the details you described in your previous post about it:)

Bobbisox said...

Wow, that stitch definition really comes through!!!! I am glad you got the lamp, it will sure be handy with all you projects.

Anonymous said...

The magnifying glass will allow you to do cross-stitching even faster. The socks are beautiful and, as you know, Opal is at the top of my list for sock yarn.

LizzieK8 said...

I used a lamp like that quite a bit in my XS days. Especially when stitching on unevenweave linen 1x1. Whew!

The work is gorgeous...all of it. I love the socks! Opal would be my yarn of choice for socks if I had more discretionary funds. It was really nice working with it. It behaves! :)