Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Can't Show You

I got a lot done today, but there's not much to show. I finished two cards for the Club Posh birthday card contest, and sent them off. I'm pretty happy with them, but I can't show them to you.

I finished the first Waving Lace sock and started the second. I could show that to you, but it's not all that interesting.

I worked more on my cross stitch project, Mother's Arms, but you just recently saw a photo of that, and it doesn't look all that different.

I pieced and sewed together a small quilt square to see if it would work as a border for the Four Seasons Bunnies. It's pretty large, so I started thinking I would make four corner pieces, then do something smaller down the sides and across the top and bottom. But it isn't ironed flat, so I didn't take a picture yet.

I guess today I'm all talk and no photos!


Anonymous said... least you still blog when you have no photos. I get lazy at that stage. Just'll have many things to show us all at once. What a treat that will be!

Jill L said...

now that you have teased us, I can't wait for photos!