Thursday, March 20, 2008


I finally have stamping, knitting and stitching to show you! I'll wait while you recover from the shock. Okay, here we go:

These are the "twinchies" or 2 x 2" squares I made for a swap over at ATCs for All. My former ATC hangout closed down suddenly and without warning when the guy who owned the site decided to take his toys and go home, and to heck with all the hundreds of people who used and enjoyed the site. As I've told my daughters over and over, men are babies.

Okay, enough of that! The new site is great, a lot friendlier and prettier, too. There was no theme for this twinchies swap, so I decided to use my new stamps from Sunday International. I really like them. I don't know if you can see it, but in the background is a grid pattern. I can't wait to play more with these great stamps. They're by Dee Gruenig, of course. Hers are almost the only stamps I use anymore.

One of the last progress photos I showed you of Mother's Arms was the one above. I forget when I took that photo, but it was likely a couple of weeks ago.

Here is how it looks now. Lots of beads, and a fair amount of stitching, too. The beads and blending filament (the sparkly threads) are very time consuming to work with, but they sure do provide gorgeous results. Now that I look at this photo on the computer screen, however, I suspect you won't be able to see much difference. Sorry! I'll try to do better next time.

And finally, lest you think I've forgotten how to knit, here are two of my current projects. The top-down raglan sweater for me is coming along slowly. I stopped working on the body so that I can do the sleeves and see how much more of this color I'll have left to add to the body before I need to start doing colorwork to complete the sweater. The second Waving Lace sock is now past the gusset decreases, and it's just a matter of knitting away to get it done.

Tomorrow we're going to Jerusalem to see the family, so I should get a lot done on the sock.


Tama said...

I got a weird error message, so if this comment shows up twice, I'm sorry!
Your stuff looks great! The stamping looks professional-quality!
And Mother's Arms just gets prettier and prettier! make me want to learn to knit socks...

craftyvox said...

I bet Mother's Arms looks even more beautiful in real then on this photo! Great work.

And I love your twinchies. Hopefully I'll end up with one of yours in my returns!

Anonymous said...

The Mother's Arms is so beautiful, Amy. Because I've worked with filament before and can appreciate it's difficulty but beauty, your piece is to really be treasured.