Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Baby!

Another of Avi's cousins has had a baby boy, and naturally I whipped out the knitting needles and created something for the new arrival. Little Natanel arrived a couple of weeks early, so he is pretty tiny, though perfectly healthy. I think (hope!) this little sunsuit and the booties will fit him, for a while, anyway. I'm not going to share pattern links because I was not happy with either pattern (doesn't the top of the sunsuit look awfully small in relation to the bottom?).

Working on this little set meant that many other things were put on the back burner. I did manage to finish Liat's first ankle sock, and start the second one. But Barbie hasn't gotten any attention since I tried dyeing her hair with ink. I think it is probably dry by now, so with any luck I will be able to add more color and embellishments soon.

I've talked to more people about ancestors, and done a little checking here and there, but haven't learned much that is new.

Someone (I forget who, sorry!) asked in the comments about the color of Cherry Tree Hill yarn I used for my sister's socks. It's from their Potluck collection, I believe. They dye a whole bunch of yarn from one batch, and the tones can vary from quite dark to paler versions of the same colorway. So while the yarn I used is labelled Blue/Green (or perhaps Green/Blue - the label is upstairs, and I'm not), I happen to have another skein with the same colorway on the label, but the colors are much darker. In order to avoid disappointment, I plan to only buy this type of yarn in person, and not over the Internet. I was badly upset last year when the silk yarn I ordered, thinking it was various shades of blue, ended up being purple, teal and black, with tiny flecks of blue. The yarn is very pretty, but it's not what I wanted and not what I thought I was getting. So. Just sayin'. I am going to try very hard not to order handdyed yarn over the Internet any more, unless I order it from Allison at Simply Socks Yarn Co. She goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to finding just the right color, and I trust her to accurately describe to me the color she plans to send. No affiliation, just a very happy customer.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Updating you on my doings, or lack thereof. No progress on Meital's scrapbook today, but I have hopes for tomorrow. I could go on, but the list of things I *haven't* done is far longer than the list of things I have done. My To Do list for tomorrow is fairly long, so I hope I will have more interesting things to tell you about in my next post.


~*~Patty S said...

Your knitting is extraordinary! Love your flower pics as well. I just thought I'd pop by after seeing your offer of books. Unfortunately for me, I am on the east coast, but truth be told I have plenty of books already...always a temptation tho ;)

Anonymous said...

That's an adorable outfit. Congratulations to the new arrival, and I'm glad he's healthy!

Anonymous said...


The baby outfit is very very cute. Don't worry about the large bottom...remember that blob of diaper that has to fit in there!

Shelly said...

Love the outfit! Don't know how you do it. It would have taken me a week to make.


woolywoman said...

Cute! Yes, you definitely have to have a stock of baby boy gifts ready to go- the very best notice you can hope for is a week, and it's just too much pressure! The girls, somehow I don't mind giving it to them after the naming. But I try to stay ahead on them, too. More and more I am making baby gifts in red , because people seem to like it for either sex.

LizzieK8 said...

So very cute!!!! Talk about speed knitting!

Joansie said...

The baby outfit is so adorable. Hope to see a picture of the baby wearing it. Amy, don't worry about the list you don't get to as that means you never have time to get bored!