Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Okay, so it's not exactly an eagle. But you know what I mean. My niece Christine will be graduating from high school on May 22nd. The infamous Top Secret Gift for Someone Very Special just happened to be this little fellow, who just flew into Denver (and boy are his wings tired). My sister let me know that he had arrived, so I figured it was time for the big reveal. Naturally, the pattern is by Jean Greenhowe.

Sorry I've stayed away so long. No real reason, I was just spending a lot of time reading (my sister-in-law loaned me a couple of great books, and after the Big Project, I was ready for a little escapism).

There hasn't been much else going on, but there has been knitting. These are pairs #5 and #6 for the Mittnz 2008 challenge.

Here is the start of mitten #1 for pair #7. This photo is from a few days ago. I am just finishing up the decreases on the hand portion now. Naturally, I just noticed a teeny, tiny little problem and will need to tink (un-knit) back until I get things straightened out. That's what I'll be doing while Meital and I watch the game tonight. The yarn is something Knit Picks sent, only one skein instead of the two I'd ordered for making socks. I figured I could easily get a pair of mittens out of one 50 gram ball. Maybe more.

I also got these washcloths done over the last couple of days. The green/blue one is for Liat, and the orange/pink/lime one is for Meital.

The only other thing I need to tell you right now is that I am becoming sucked into the seductive world of genealogy. I've been reading the materials I have available, compiled by people in my extended family on both sides. And you know I spent most of today on the Internet, trolling all the genealogy sites. Found some interesting stuff, including a relative in the UK. I hope I'll hear from her! I have a great deal more to learn. In fact, I think I'll go call my dad and ask him a few questions...

It's not like I have enough hobbies already, or anything. Right?


Joansie said...

The graduation gift is adorable.

As for geneology, ask's totally addicting. They now have DNA geneology as well. Have fun!... and welcome back!

Jill L said...

I love your little wise-guy. He's so cute. I love washcloths don't you?

Pokey said...

Amy, if you need any lookups, let me know - I subscribe to so can find anything stateside. My sister sucked me in a few years ago and now I'm hopelessly hooked too!


Sue said...

Your wise little owl is very cute. And you seem to be knitting up at storm but, but I don't see any socks!

LizzieK8 said...

I envy your ability to knit toys. Mine usually end up looking like something out of a Boris Karloff movie!

I understand the reading thing. I do that occasionally, too. Escapism is a great thing.

Great Mittnz!