Friday, May 23, 2008

Full Disclosure

Well, almost. I don't have any pictures of my washcloth-in-progress or the ankle socks I started yesterday for Liat, but other than that, you got it:

First and foremost, finished socks! Yes, the Cascading Leaves socks for my sister are finally finished. Not only that, they are packed up and ready to go to the post office. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until Sunday to begin their journey.

The pattern is free from the Townsend Socks KAL Yahoo Group. The yarn is by Cherry Tree Hill. I really love these socks. If I didn't really, REALLY love my sister, she and her feet would never see hide nor hair of these beauties.

May I present the "Club Posh Haunted House"? Yes, I have finally finished one side of my infamous milk carton project. The cat stamp is by Third Coast, the rest are all Posh Impressions. I only have an idea for one more side, and I suspect it may come to pass that this one side will end up being the sum total of my efforts as regards this project. As you have been reading here lately, I have other fish to fry, as it were...

Here are some lovely flowers from our garden.

My friend Nancy always posts the most gorgeous photos, so I am trying to follow her most excellent example. I stand behind our flowers 100%, but I have a way to go on my photography skills.

Some of you remember that a while ago, a brief mention was made here of a gift for a friend. Well, my dear friend Joan has received her gift, and I am now free to share a photo with you. She has a sheep collection, so I thought I would contribute to the flock. The pattern is by Jean Greenhowe. But you already knew that.

I also sent a rather paltry contribution to Joan's sock yarn wall hanging project. I wanted to send more, but those leftover balls of sock yarn just refused to be herded into the box! Actually, I love knitting up teeny, tiny socks from leftover yarn...

(rememeber last summer?) and I just couldn't bear to part with much.

See? Full disclosure.


Joan said...

I had no idea it was me who was to receive this special gift! Wow! I love my little sheep and he now joins my flock on the shelf and is playing well with others. And sock yarn too. What great friends I have. Thank you Amy.

Joansie said...

Amy, the socks are gorgeous and I can see why you would only give them to someone you really care about.

The little lamb is so adorable as well.

You are one of the most versatile and talented crafters I know.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to R.I.

Bobbi said...

Wow, HOW do you DO it all?? That little sheep is so darling, your sisters socks are gorgeous, and I couldn't bear to give them up. I hope you are going to do some for you too, I love that pattern.

Anonymous said...

I love the socks Amy. Can you tell us what colorway of CTH that you used?

Sue said...

The color of your sister's socks looks very much like the color of the yarn I posted in my blog. I couldn't get my pictures to come out dark enough. I love those socks and just happen to have that pattern. Hmm, might be stealing your idea!

Love the little sheep and your lovely flowers.

Jill L said...

Your socks are lovely! I will put that pattern into my queue. You sheep is precious!