Monday, September 22, 2008

Lots Going On

Today has been an interesting one here at Bag of Chocolates, but for now I'd better keep mum on most of the activity. However, I have been wanting to share a couple of things with you. Above is the baby sweater I may have mentioned working on. It's a free pattern from Knitting on the Net, I just decided to stripe it rather than work it all in one color. The sleeve directions are a little less than perfect, but I've had enough experience knitting top-down raglan sweaters (and their sleeves) to know what I need to do. This is the sweater I mentioned hoping I could finish before Wednesday, when I want to get started on the sweater for Meital. I rather doubt I will be able to do it, seeing as it is now 5:30 in the evening on Monday, but who knows? After all, baby arms are short, and therefore it follows as night does the day that the sleeves of baby sweaters are - or ought to be - short. We shall see.

This is a bit of lace trim I started so long ago that I really don't remember when it was (though I suspect if I troll through my own archives I could make an educated guess). It was right about the time that I made that denim bag with the crazy quilt patch on it. I think I will probably just cast this off (when I get around to it) and figure out later why exactly I made it. I am sure that at some point in time, its future will be revealed to me in a blinding (well, hopefully not literally blinding) flash of inspiration. Hmm, maybe I ought to leave it on the needle, in case said flash informs me that the piece of lace trim I need must be 10", not 8" - or however long this may turn out to be once it's blocked.

And here's something to file away under Never Throw Anything Away. For a few years, several years ago now, I tutored kids in English after school. In my own inimitable fashion, I spent hours crafting educational-yet-humorous worksheets on a wide variety of subjects, some specifically suited toward a particular student. I added graphics and all sorts of other touches I hoped would amuse and amaze my students. Having learned long before not to trust much of anything to the innards of an inanimate object, I kept a folder of print copies of my ouevre.

Whew! Just the introduction to this is wearing me out. You, too? Sorry.

Anyway, Liat recently started tutoring a student in English, math, and other subjects as needed. When she came home, she asked me if I had any materials on a couple of subjects (the use of has/had, and pronouns). "Well," I replied, "of course!"

I've now searched High, Low and even In-the-Middle, and I can't find the darn folder! (You knew that was the whole point of this rant, didn't you?). I know I didn't throw it away, so perhaps the title of this little morality play should be, Never, Ever Move Anything from Where it Has Been for the Last Few Years, Otherwise You'll Never be Able to Find It Again!

Though maybe that's just a tad too long to be a catchy title...


Joansie said...

Baby sweater is so pretty! And who is that for? Just to have on hand when the occasion arises?

As for misplacing things...well, last week I lost a knitting needle. It had to be just a few feet away as I had not gotten up from the couch. I tore the cushions apart looking for them, and never for them.

LizzieK8 said...

If you hadn't needed the folder you'd have stumbled over it at least six times in the next few weeks...

The sweater is so very pretty. Looks so cool in that minty green!

Bobbisox said...

That sweater is indeed pretty. About the folder; that is just the way life is. As soon as you don't need it, it will jump out at you.