Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Costumes and Trimmings and Socks

Oh my! I realize that this sock looks fairly odd, but I hope it will fit.

Here's where I am on the second sock (nearly ready to mark the spot for the afterthought heel). I knit almost all of this on Monday.

About a year after we moved to Israel, I designed and hand sewed this costume for Liat to wear in preschool during the holiday of Purim. She wore it several times that holiday, and often for the next few years as a "dress up" costume (photo on the left). Later, Meital wore it to her preschool Purim celebration (photo on the right), and also wore it many times when she wanted to play "dress up."

Almost thirteen years have passed since I made this costume, and I finally decided something needed to be done with it. It has taken a fair amount of abuse over the years, and I didn't feel right donating it anywhere. So today I started the dissection process. Right now, I am taking apart the skirt, which is actually made up of a sandwich of two pieces of red fabric with black mesh in between. I should be able to re-use just about every part of this costume, and you know that makes me happy!

I've been working on some Halloween cards today (having tons of fun altering a clothing catalog that came in the mail), and hope to have things to show you tomorrow. I keep deciding to do things that then need to dry, so the process is taking longer than I'd anticipated.

I suddenly decided that what I absolutely needed to do today was knit a lace trim in Halloween colors. I am probably going to use this on a card; I just need to figure it all out. Maybe I'll use it with the "skin" I took off of my broken umbrella last night. Lots of lovely, shiny black fabric just waiting to become something! I Googled recycled umbrellas last night, and saw projects for using old umbrellas as bat costumes (including the inner workings), shopping bags, and even a snazzy evening dress made out of 20 recycled black umbrellas! Amazing what people can think up. I wonder what I'll end up doing...


Tama said...

Ahhh... I like those socks! I'm all for colorful! They look nice and warm, too, and it's getting cold here.
Your babies were (and are!) so cute! And so's the costume, but I completely understand deciding to use its pieces! I go to Goodwill sometimes to buy clothes in fancy fabrics, to make dolls and quilts and such.
And I'm doing rather well, thanks! Getting over the flu (bad) and plotting out this year's prezzies (good)

Joansie said...

Those socks are very special, Amy. How many grams in the socks?

The girls were beautiful then as they are now.

I need to go look up what people are doing with recyclable umbrellas. You have piqued my curiosity. :>)

LizzieK8 said...

I think afterthought heels all look goofy when laid out for pics. Some look better with blocking, but as far as I'm concerned, ya can't beat the fit of them.

Those socks are very, very pretty and I love the stripes. I'm thinking it's time for some red and white striped ones...Wizard of Oz thing...

Recycling is way too much fun. I prowl around the house trying to figure out ways to use the stuff up! :)