Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag and Pocket

I've been up to all sorts of things, and here is a glimpse at some of it. Above is a pocket and tag set; I copied the idea from a thread on Club Posh. Since the pockets are not yet available for sale, I tried creating my own. All stamps by Dee Gruenig, images colored with Marvy markers.

Here I did a more vintage version. I am so in love with my Distress Inks by Ranger, I just had to use them! The original is more yellow/orange than it appears here. Again, all images by Dee Gruenig, and available at Sunday International, on the fabulous EZ Mount.

I've made a few other things lately, but I'm less pleased with them. I do like the background I made here. I sprayed watercolor paper with water, then with Adirondack Color Wash, then smooshed a piece of plastic wrap on top and let it dry. Love the cool effect, which is why I didn't go to too much trouble covering it all up. Can you guess what the message inside says?

I've also been hard at work on the knee sock, and have finished the calf increases. Now I am going to start decreasing toward the knee, then all that will be left is the ribbed area at the top and the afterthought heel! Tomorrow, we're going to Jerusalem, which of course means lots of sock knitting time, and no stamping time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Joansie said...

Great-looking cards! Does the inside say "Boo"!

Have a great weekend!

Tama said...

Oh, those are so neat! I like the vintage one best, probably because I luv ghosties, but they all look great!

LizzieK8 said...

I love the WWW!

Sandy said...

Hi Amy,
I hope you finish the knee socks this weekend. You will feel so accomplished! My favorite of the cards are the pockets. I love candy corn, but only the way it looks. I love how the 3 colors blend together, but I don't like to eat it. Isn't that strange?

I also like the Wicked witch. She is one of my all-time favorite characters. As a kid, she scared me so much that I would have nightmares. I thought my kids would be scared in same way, but Freddy Kruger, Jason and Chuckie are way more intimidating to them. They think the Wizard of Oz is amusing, not scary. Funny how things change.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

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