Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9 to 5

Today, for what I am pretty sure is the first time since we started our translation business, I worked a full day! I knew when I got up this morning that there was a project waiting; a resume. We got that done, and while I was proofreading/editing, some friends came over with a rental contract (nine pages!) they needed translated right away. Before we could get to that, another repeat client came by with a couple of pages he wanted us to add on to something we had already started for him.

I think that steady drip, drip, drip I told you about is becoming a definite trickle.

What's fun about what we do is that each job is different. Some are tedious, some are fascinating. But the best thing is when we have clients return with more work for us.

Naturally, the downside to all this work is there's less time for play! My project-on-a-deadline now has a week to go before D-Day. Thank goodness I've already done a bit of work on it. I hope to have photos and a full explanation soon.

And now, darn it all, I've got that Dolly Parton song stuck in my head!


Anonymous said...

Just don't loose sight of the old saying ....."all work and no play...." :>)

Didn't you just love the movie "Nine to Five"! At the time the movie was popular there was a "rift" between the men and women in my dept. so one of the female bosses bought us all tickets to go see the movie.

Karin said...

Please forgive my ignorance...I am sorry, could you please tell me which languages you are translating in and out of? And why do people need such documents translated?
Thank you for clarifying.

Congratulations on your full day!