Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rite of Passage

Today, as Avi and I left the neighborhood on the way to do a few errands, we spotted Meital's class outside the school, learning from a policewoman the proper way to effectively operate as a crossing guard. Every year at the elementary school, crossing guard duties are assigned to sixth graders. Every year, fifth graders are trained in how to perform this vital task.

Now, I'm not exactly oblivious, and I *did* notice that Meital, my baby, is ten years old and a fifth grader this year. But somehow, seeing her out there with her class, practicing blocking off the street so that pedestrians can safely cross, was a real wake-up call. It was one of those "my-baby's-all-grown-up-and-saving-China!"* moments.

In other news, I finished up a card I'd started yesterday, and started another one. I need to pick up the card-making pace a little, if I want to get things accomplished. But at least I made some progress.

I also made these On the Fence Brownies. This was actually a practice run for the belated Family Day celebration at Meital's school, that is scedulded to take place at the end of March. Good thing, too, because I discovered that pressing the M&Ms into the brownies when they are almost finished baking, then returning them to the oven for a few minutes, isn't exactly the greatest idea since sliced bread. Next time, I will add the candy before baking. They taste pretty good, though.

I even squeezed in some cross stitching between volunteering at the community center and dinner. I think a couple more hours will see me done with the first quadrant of the piece. That will definitely feel like a major accomplishment! Today I mostly added more gray green and a bit of white. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can add some more beads.

Tonight, the Girls' Night party participants are Meital and myself. We've got the basketball game on TV, we've got the brownies... What more could a girl want?

*What? You don't recognize this line from"Mulan"??


Anonymous said...

Meital is growing up fast. My grandchild, Nick, is also 10 and sometimes I feel sad when I look at pictures and realize how quickly he is growing up.

Anonymous said...


I started reading your blog to view your knitting, but I am absolutely blown away by the cards you make! May I ask how you learned all the techniques you use? Thanks!


LizzieK8 said...

I know how you feel about the "all grown up and saving China" thing... It always amazes me to spend time with my Little Boy (23) and see him doing "grown up" stuff!

Lovely card and those brownies look scrumptious!

Jill L said...

I love your cards -- Ised to make them and I have about 200 in boxes ready to send when I need them. The brownies look fantastic. Its fun to have a "girls night in".