Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sample

I'm still obsessing over genealogy stuff, so I thought I'd share a little. This lovely woman was my paternal grandmother's sister. Her name was Celia Colvin, but I always knew her as Aunt Ciel. She was a generous, fiesty, sentimental, determined, and fiercely independent woman. I have yet to investigate precisely when this photo was taken at the Paley Studios in New York City, but I will do my best to get all the details. One interesting note. Can you see the bracelet on her right arm?

It's mine now. When my father first passed it on to me, after Aunt Ciel died, I wore it every day. Eventually I noticed that the "CC" etched into the gold was starting to fade, so I took it off. But I love to take it out of my jewelry box now and again and look at it, run my fingers over the raised design, and think of my Aunt Ciel.

There *has* been knitting! I finished the first mitten of the latest pair for the Cheyenne River Reservation, and started the second. Unfortunately, my sister's sock didn't get any attention today. However. The day is not yet over!

Tomorrow, I hope to be able to share some very special news with you. So stay tuned.


Joansie said...

What a beautiful story, Amy. What a great honor it is for you to have her bracelet and a definite bonus to have a picture of her wearing it.

Mitten looks great. Nice, bright color.

The news......well, you've left me in

Mariella said...

I've been reading with interest your genealogy finds. I've been hooked on that hobby for a long time.
On my husband's side - there is an Augustus Colvin - lived in New Mexico.
Good Mittnz knitting too!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have the bracelet and the picture.
We are missing so many family pictures which mysteriously disappeared one time when my mother moved-she had so many.
I am trying to keep a good collection on my PC.
Re treasures, I have tried passing some of the things that are precious to me to my granddaughters.
That picture is beautiful.

Bobbisox said...

what a lovely treasure, and I am glad you will be able to someday leave it to your daughter ( I would presume your eldest?) as a symbol of the continuation of the family line. I am glad you are plugging away on the knitting, for me it is still hot at past 1am in the morning.