Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cards Again

I got back into the card making today, and am somewhat caught up. Just as long as I don't blink! Here's the way the cross stitch card turned out. I'd intended to stamp the cardstock with an all-over pattern in a slightly darker color. But once I started figuring out what size to cut the circles, I forgot all about the stamping step, and rushed to get everything glued into place.

I found a great photo (circa 1970s) of my sister wearing Jackie O. type sunglasses, so I made this card to go with it:

Guess I needed all that bright color as an antidote to the cross stitched card, with its subdued shades. And I've got another card in progress on my stamping table. So I feel alot more settled about that situation. If I can average a card a day, I'll be done in plenty of time.
I have also been hard at work on the second sock for my niece. I finished the heel yesterday, and have been working on the foot today. If I can keep working on it, I should be able to finish it by tomorrow. Problem is, Thursday is a holiday (Simchat Torah), and the post office will be closed. So the trick will be to see if I can manage to get the socks and card (already done) in the mail to my niece before the post office closes tomorrow evening.
Wish me luck!

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