Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This is the card I made for Meital today. The central image came from a website with lots of great free vintage Halloween images. I filled the envelope with stamped candy corn, which fell out all over like confetti when she opened it. This afternoon she and I prepared sugar cookie dough, and after dinner we'll make cookies. Then we're going to make Halloween-themed ATCs. Should be a fun evening! Liat is invited, but doesn't want to miss "Grey's Anatomy." Maybe she'll join us after it's over.

Here are my niece's birthday socks, in the Oh So Nikki pattern, free at Knoxsocks Designs. I got the birthday package off to my niece Kim today. Last night I started a pair of 2x2 rib socks for Meital in Opal Feelings. It always seems to work out that Meital gets socks in Opal yarn! These are going to be very bright and cheerful, but because I'm doing them on 52 stitches, the stripes are very wide. She seems to like the way it looks so far, so I'm happy.

I'm nearly done with Meital's surprise gift, and it's beginning to look fairly likely that I will be able to give it to her on Friday, as promised. I'm looking forward to sharing it with all of you, too!

Yesterday, Liat and I went to a nearby store called Art Center. It's a great shop that I've been to several times before, usually with Meital. Liat browsed in the bead department and brought home some cool stuff. I found metallic alphabet stickers in Hebrew, and a nice-sized Hebrew alphabet stencil. I also got some skeleton leaves, something I am pretty sure is called German scrap, a jar of something that seems to be the same as gel medium (a kind of glue and lacquer together), and a small kit that makes things look like verdigris. Can't wait to try that out! Since I needed to wait a bit for Liat to make her selections, I had lots of time to really explore and see all the goodies there. When I go with Meital, I always end up keeping an eye on her and don't concentrate as much on what I might be interested in getting.

And the fun didn't stop yesterday! This afternoon I got a box of goodies from Sunday International, purchased with the $50 gift certificate they gave me for having a card made with stamps purchased from them published in RSM. I got a great winter-themed EZ Mounted stamp set complete with snowman, two ink pads, and two single EZ Mount stamps: a clown stamp and a leaf stamp set that comes with both a solid image and an outline. You can use them together or each alone. I love this EZ Mount system, because I don't have the bulky wood mounts and the storage problems they pose (not to mention added shipping expense!). They are so easy to use, too. No special cling film or other products needed, just a basic set of acrylic blocks.

So now I have tons of great new toys to play with! I can't wait.

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