Monday, October 29, 2007

Doll Bag Update

Here's a photo taken this morning of Liat's Doll Bag (free on the Berroco website - look under "felted or fulled" projects. For some reason, a seach of "Bags" didn't find it). I've started the third band of fair isle (there are four different bands, then the first band is repeated at the top of the bag).

It's easy enough to follow the chart, but I am still having a difficult time with the two handed method. I absolutely cannot understand how someone who knits Continental style can keep an even tension! Of course, my friends who knit Continental don't understand how I manage with the "throw" method, so it's all in our perspective I suppose.

We've changed the yarn for the project, and some of the colors are very different from those called for in the pattern. This photo gives you a good idea of the actual colors (unlike the last progress photo I showed you).

I'm close to the toe decreases on the second sock for my niece. I think I will work on that tonight, rather than the bag. I'd love to get Kim's birthday package in the mail tomorrow. The gift for Meital is coming along. Now I'm at the sewing together and embroidering part, so I don't approach the project with the same enthusiasm I do for the knitted portions. I'm saving some of the fun knitting parts for the very last, to get me through this next day or so.

I've been thinking about my ATC swaps, trying to come up with ideas. I tried out a sample today, but wasn't pleased with the result. Meital likes it, though, so I am going to trade it to her for one of her recent creations. A new idea is in the works on my stamping table.


LizzieK8 said...

I'm with you on the Continental and tension. Not only is it looser overall, for me, which I could live with, but it varies between sts giving a very crappy finished project.

The colors in the bag are gorgeous. Resolution for next year is to learn how to enjoy doing that kind of work!

Jill L said...


I guess you have been blogging here more -- I love the bag!

I added some pics on my 360 page --some of Italy. Yahoo is aking funny and I my double blog until I am ready to cut the cord!