Monday, October 22, 2007


That's it. Done. Neegmar. Finished. Finito.

One sister. Two months. Fifty cards. And a whole lotta love.

When I got the idea back in August to send my sister 50 cards for her 50th birthday, I didn't really understand just what an endeavor I was undertaking. There were times when I felt overwhelmed, uninspired, and lazy. Then the cards started arriving at Linda's house, and her response to them kept me going. In the end, I tried alot of new techniques and even dug out some stamping books I hadn't looked at in ages.

This morning, when Liat took the package containing the last card, the scarf and the socks to the post office, I felt relief. Now it's starting to sink in that I have time to get back into Artist Trading Cards. I have time to make cards for other people. I have time to not make anything at all, if that's what I want!

This is the ATC I made for Meital out of my test piece, which I made to be sure the products I have at home would yield similar results to those called for in the stamping book, before making the card at the beginning of this post.

One of the things I had time to do today was work on the Baby Surprise Jacket. It's nearly done, and I hope to have a photo of the finished sweater tomorrow. Now, I need to get back to that... and the socks for my niece.

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