Monday, October 8, 2007

Progress, or Lack Thereof

I had hoped to be finished with the first I Love Gansey sock today, but it doesn't look likely. I have about 2" more to knit on the foot before I reach the toe decreases. Since it normally takes me a week to knit a sock, I'm really not behind schedule. But I know if I worked exclusively on the socks, I'd get the pair done in a week to a week and a half.

But, I *do* need to work on the scarf, too. It's past the halfway point now, and works up quickly once I sit down and work on it.

One of the things that cuts into my knitting time is, of course, the cardmaking! Here's a card I finished today. Not sure if I'll send it right out, or wait a bit and send it so that it will arrive closer to the end of the month:

I had a blast with this card, and it doesn't even use any stamping! On a folded base card of black cardstock, I added a layer of orange paper that I "painted" with crackle medium, then added a plaid with black paint. On the left, I glued down a piece of black cardstock, on which I had sort of flicked some orange arcylic paint. (Actually, what I did was load the brush, then "knock" on it with one knuckle to get those little flecks and specks of paint). The central image is a free vintage Halloween graphic I printed out from the Internet, mounted on black cardstock. I love the way this card turned out, but it was one of those complicated ones that took several days to complete. I need to remember to balance these complicated cards with some quick and easy ones. I actually have a q&e one on my table, just need to finish up the inside and sent it on its way.

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Sue said...

Ilove the techniques you used on the Halloween card! I like all your cards (they're very creative) but this one stands out to me. Nice work on the scarf and the socks, too!