Thursday, October 4, 2007

Socks-es and Boxes

Lots to show you today! Above are the completed Better Than Vanilla socks for my niece. Naturally, I finished them during a holiday, when the post office is closed. Tomorrow I hope to get to the post office... Wait, that's not right. Tomorrow, I hope to send Liat to the post office to mail them. Well, after all, what are 15 year old daughters for, if not to run errands for their tired old mothers? After all, I always give her a little extra cash so she can buy a treat for herself at the market in the same building as the post office.

Here you see the start of the first I Love Gansey sock for my sister's birthday. I'm using Fortissima Socka, again. It's really a sort of pale, almost periwinkle, blue. The pattern is free to members of the Six Sox KAL Yahoo! Group. They have fabulous patterns there. I never feel obligated to knit them when everyone else is, but I've built up a lovely supply of patterns for whenever the mood strikes me.

And this is the second stage in the boxes project. Yesterday Meital and I had a blast sanding and painting our laundry soap boxes. At first she thought hers was going to become a jewelry box, but this evening she told me it's going to be an apartment for one of her favorite toys, a small stuffed bee. By tomorrow, it might well be a time machine, or a storage container for Barbie paraphenalia. Heck, it might even be a jewelry box! Has anyone guessed what my boxes are going to become?

Now I need to get busy on the Besotted scarf for my sister, her socks, and of course, make the 18 cards I have yet to send. Once all that is done, I will be immensely relieved. I'll still have socks to make for my other niece's birthday, but that won't seem too bad after all I'm trying to accomplish right now.

Later, I'll worry about December holiday gifts!

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Jill L said...

Love the Gansey pattern and can't wiat to see then finished! Great job so far