Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Muy Bonita

Yes, my sister is, among many other things, very pretty. On the inside of this card, I enclosed a photo taken of the two of us in 1969, on a cruise to Mexico. This is card #19, and believe me, I was thrilled to reach the numbers below twenty! I've been scrounging around the house, trying desperately to find more photos to use in the remaining cards (just to refresh your memories, each card has a small photo along with a one of the numbered items of the 50 things I love about my sister on the inside). I think of everything connected with this project, finding photographs has been the hardest part. Sometimes I use what I like to consider a creative substitute: a photocopy of a letter, a photo of a painting my sister did for me, and so on. But mostly, I try to include a picture of my sister, either alone or with someone from the family.

As for the socks for my niece, I have about 1/8 of an inch left to go before the toe decreases. It's now about 7 p.m. here, so I really hope I can get these finished tonight. Then I will start the I Love Gansy socks from the Six Sox KAL Yahoo! Group, for my sister. I also need to get back to work on the Besotted scarf, which I am also sending her for her birthday.

I rearranged my yarn stash today. Before, the four Rubbermaid bins holding most of my stash lived in the cabinets above the washer and dryer. I've been worried for the last little while that maybe, what with the heat and humidity from the machines, that wasn't the best place for my yarn. So today I put the yarn in my bedroom closet, and put the sheets and towels that had been in the closet, into the laundry room. The entire process at least gave me the illusion that I was accomplishing something around the house!

Tomorrow, I will update you on the mystery of the laundry soap/milk carton mystery (I hope you're still interested!).

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