Sunday, October 21, 2007

Somebunny's Reading

I finished the reward I promised Meital for reading 8 books in English. We have a sign taped up on the door to the playroom, and the girls list the books they've read, in English and in Hebrew. Meital recently finished her eighth book, and I told her she'd get a surprise soon. It took about three days, with minimal knitting time per day. I could probably have made the whole bunny in one evening if I'd had a few free hours. Meital has named her Bun-Bun.

The pattern for this little cutie is found in the booklet called Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection. Jean has a website where you can see all the booklets she has available (and all the designs contained in each booklet), learn where to buy them, and print out an adorable free pattern. It was the free pattern that convinced me to order four of her booklets. Now I want them all! Her instructions are very clear, and detailed, so that you know exactly how to put the toys together (and embroider the faces, always a problem for me before now).

I sent out a few Halloween cards today, including the one I showed you earlier. I was glad to be able to use that as a Halloween card, and not one of the 50 cards for my sister. Now she and the girls will have an extra card! I also started on the final card, but we got a rush translating job at about 5 p.m., so I haven't had time to work on it more. I really hope I can finish it up and get the package in the mail by tomorrow!

My younger niece, the one I'm making the blue striped socks for, (the yarn is called Aktiv Effekt, Bobbi), has asked if it's possible for me to knit her knee socks! I promised her I would, though not in time for her birthday. I think I'll send her photos of a few possible patterns, and see which one she likes. Heh, heh! Another convert to the joys of handknit socks!

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