Monday, March 31, 2008

Call Me Crazy

Here is my first-ever attempt at a crazy quilt block. Well, I've always said sewing isn't my forte! LOL Needs a little work before it will resemble an actual square! So far, this block contains three of my favorite hobbies: cross stitching, knitting (the lace border on the bottom left), and stamping. I stamped those little apples on the white fabric, then painted them with textile paints. I plan to add embroidery along all the seams where the different fabrics meet up, and I have a selection of beads and buttons I'd like to add, too. Once this block is done, I will sew it onto the denim purse I am making from Avi's old jeans. So the finished project will include yet another favorite thing of mine: recycling!

I got what seemed like a fabulous idea for a gift for Liat, then started having doubts. So yesterday, while we were out shopping together, I casually mentioned that my friend Tama had sent me a link to a cool project, where you make a big tote/hobo bag out of the top of a pair of jeans. I wanted to see what her reaction to the concept would be. She thought it sounded cool, and told me she had some old jeans, and maybe I could make her a bag out of them.

Well, little did she know that I've already started a bag for her from an old pair of my jeans. I'm going to do the whole front with a Maccabi theme, for our family's favorite basketball team. She is a devoted fan, and I know she will absolutely love what I have planned (I was really only worried she wouldn't like the idea of using jeans). My jeans are much better than hers for this project, since all of the jeans she no longer wears are the "low rise" style, where the zipper is about 2" long (so you can imagine how little fabric there is for making this kind of bag). She brought me one of the pairs this evening, and I told her I'd see what I could do. But I know she will like the larger bag I am planning, because she can fit school books and notebooks inside and show off the bag at school. Now I'm impatient to finish my bag so I can start hers. She will be going off on an overnight field trip for school on Wednesday, so I hope to get a lot done while she's gone.

And that adds another of my favorites to her project: making surprise gifts for my girls.


Tama said...

I really like your block! I never thought of using cross stitch in a crazy quilt block before - I'll have to try that!
Glad you could use the link, good luck with the purse!!!

LizzieK8 said...

Very nice! I can't wait to see your finished jeans bag! I think they are neat cuz you can use the pockets to store stuff, too!

Anonymous said...

I love how diversified you are with your crafts! Can't wait to see the bag. Did I ever tell you my family laughs at me because I have so many "craft" bags? It's another addiction of mine.